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Firearms classes are currently by appointment only. If you are intersted in a class, please call or email training@minutemanarmament.com

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About Us

Minuteman Armament is firearms dealer that sells, transfers, and manufactures firearms at the buyer's request. We are flexible and cater to our customers needs, which makes us unlike your traditional gun shop. Instead of holding and marking up inventory, Minuteman Armament will provide customers with firearms, ammunition, and accessories at dealer prices. If there is something you are looking for we will do our best to get it to you for the lowest price possible.

Need a class for your Gun Permit?

Minuteman Armament provides Home Firearm Safety and Basic Pistol Shooting courses for those who desire a gun permit. Our instructors are NRA and Massachusetts State Police certified. Completion of these courses result in the certificate required to apply for your FID card, License to Carry (LTC), and non-resident LTC. Completion of a Massachusetts approved course is required to obtain a gun permit.